At Curry & Friend, we take our role as an advocate for, and a trusted adviser to, our clients very seriously. At the heart of everything we do is a set of core values that define who we are. Our unique vision, mission and values capture the essence of our firm culture and how we interact with one another.


Curry & Friend is committed to the provision of excellent, client-centered legal services primarily to health care providers, and oil, gas and chemical companies. We provide expert legal advice to our clients to assist them in formulating and implementing sound business strategies and practices to avoid legal risk and jeopardy, and offer experienced and competent legal defense to minimize loss exposure.


Curry & Friend will be viewed as a firm that consistently achieves the best results for our clients, is noted for providing exceptional value, and enables our clients to be the best that they can be.

Curry & Friend will be viewed as a firm that is committed to maintaining its unique, values-driven culture and promoting the personal and professional growth and development of each member of the firm.


1. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical client representation and billing practices.

2. We exceed our clients’ expectations though our understanding of their needs, frustrations, interests and goals.

3. We are committed to maintenance of the current competence of firm members, primarily in areas of health law, medical malpractice, professional liability, toxic tort, environmental law, risk management, employment law and litigation.

4. We build a foundation of trust with our clients by taking an interest in our clients, both personally and professionally, and by consistently providing superior legal services and advice.

5. We utilize a team approach to, on a timely and ongoing basis, provide our clients with our best considered evaluation and analysis of claims, recommended strategies, and where appropriate, offer creative solutions, as well as our best estimates of the chances of success, and costs of defense.

6. Our attorneys are readily available to respond promptly to our clients at all times, and we provide excellent and frequent communication with our clients to provide current information, as cases progress, regarding status and recommended strategic changes.

7. Based on the needs and wishes of our clients, we provide appropriate, expert, cost- effective staffing of each matter.

8. We foster considerate, polite, respectful, and congenial relationships among members of the firm.

9. We provide compensation and benefits to attract and retain competent members of the firm who share the Mission, Vision and Values of Curry & Friend.

10. Client satisfaction is a core value of Curry & Friend, and client development and satisfaction are the responsibilities of all members of the firm.

11. We focus on efficient work during regular firm hours, and foster a culture of professionalism and respect for all firm members and the roles they play.

12. We recognize, respect and value the importance of the personal and familial interests, aspirations and commitments of our firm members.

13. We develop and utilize firm systems and guidelines designed to enhance our ability to effectively and efficiently provide the best possible legal services to our clients and to foster and support the personal and professional growth of members of the firm.

14. We foster and encourage well informed and respectful feedback from all members of the firm on firm systems and guidelines in an ongoing effort to improve and enhance them.

15. We provide firm members with tools to promote their personal and professional growth and development through training, education and mentoring.

16. We select and encourage members of the firm who evidence a Passion for Excellence and who are committed to becoming the best they can be.

17. We recognize the importance of shared responsibility and accountability of firm members who are each empowered to bring their knowledge and expertise to the exercise of reasoned judgment in the application of their individual skills, and in utilizing, developing, refining and evaluating firm systems and practices to assure that they continue to effectively meet the needs of clients, the firm and its members.

18. We recognize our professional responsibility to serve those unable to pay for legal services, and encourage our firm members to seek and to find meaningful work in service to others that will enrich our community.

Partner Spotlight

Our team approach and focus on excellence allows us to find innovative solutions to your complex legal challenges."

Guy C. Curry
Managing Partner